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Linguine with Summer Greens

From Our Kitchen


1 lb linguine, cooked (1 cup pasta liquid reserved)
⅓ lb goat cheese
½ lb pea tendrils, chopped
½ lb baby spinach
½ pint grape tomatoes
1 Tbsp. garlic, minced
3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp. basil, thinly sliced
salt and pepper
½ cup white wine


Heat oil in a large sauté pan over medium high heat. Add garlic and tomatoes. Cook until garlic turns a light golden brown. Add pea tendrils and cook another minute. Add wine and cook for 1 minute. Add pasta liquid and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Toss in pasta, spinach, and basil. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 3-4