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Help Raise Money for Your School

One of our most popular fundraising programs, Shop at Wilson Farm Day is a great opportunity for schools to raise funds for much needed supplies, equipment, field trips, and more. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, participating schools have raised over $125,000 through the Shop at Wilson Farm Day program. Read on for more information about the program and how it works.

How to Participate

Contact us to see what dates are available and if your school or organization is eligible. Then it's up to you to advertise the day as much as you want! The more people you give your flyer that shop on your day, the more money you raise. Simple as that.

How it Works

Each school or organization gets one Shop at Wilson Farm Day. We create and distribute customized printed and digital flyers to each school to help generate awareness for the program. On a school’s designated Shop at Wilson Farm Day, supporters present their school’s flyer (or show the digital version on their smartphone) at the register, and 20% of their pre-tax purchase amount will automatically go towards their school.

What Can You Purchase?

Almost anything in the store counts towards Shop at Wilson Farm Day: Produce, grocery items, baked goods, prepared foods, items from our Garden Shop, meats, seafood and much more. The only items that are excluded are CSA shares, gift cards, case orders and/or other bulk or custom orders.

Where Can You Get A Flyer?

Contact your school or organization for a flyer.

Can I Share Flyers with Others?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your flyer with friends, neighbors, and other community members. Our only request is that you do not distribute flyers here at Wilson Farm.

What if it Snows?

Don’t worry! We’ll set up an alternate date for you.

Where Does the Money Go?

Shortly after your Shop at Wilson Farm Day, we’ll personally deliver a check to your school. The school principal will decide how the funds will be used. In previous years, schools have used their earnings to purchase projectors, books, scholarship programs, and even lecture series.

We are now taking applicants for our 2016 program!

If you're interested in participating in the 2016 Shop at Wilson Farm Day program, contact Kara Wiemert by phone at 781-862-3900 or via email at

Current Participants for Shop At Wilson Farm Day

Top Earners get 25% back!


Current Participants for Shop At Wilson Farm Day

Click Below to Download your School's Flyer


Diamond School Bowman School
Belmont Public Schools Maria Hasting School
Community Nursery School Mama Bear Effect
Belmont Day School EFGB School
Peirce School Ottoson School
International School of Boston Methodist Weekday School
Fiske School Bishop School
Children's Center of Lexington Stratton School
Harrington School Dallin School
Pilgrim Nursery School Lexington High School
Bridge Elementary Brackett School
Clarke School Estabrook School
Waldorf School of Lexington


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Recipe & Shopping List