Green, Inside & Out

For the Wilson family, environmental conservation is in our roots...literally. To Wilson Farm, "being green" is not trendy or a convenient bandwagon to hitch upon. Since 1884, we have understood, appreciated, and practiced sound environmental conservation.

From our Fields...

For generations we have used a unique system of composting in our fields. This allows us to enrich our soil and increase yields in a natural and safe manner.

All of our organic waste, including overripe fruit, vegetable trimmings, orange peels from our fresh squeezed juice and much more, are composted and used as fertilizer.

Simply put, this is something no other food store can do.

To Our Stand,

Unlike other stores, who are just now offering paper bags as a "carry out" option. Wilson Farm has always bagged your groceries in paper (never plastic). Our plastic bags are available only upon request and, you'll be happy to know, are made from recycled plastic. In 2008, we introduced new plastic bags that are oxo-biodegradable. After disposal, they will ultimately biodegrade and break down into organic matter.

All of our berries are packaged primarily with biodegradable pulp packaging. We continuously look for opportunities to choose environmentally friendly trays and packaging, such as corn-based plastic containers.

And Beyond

You can feel confident that Wilson Farm will continue our dedication to environmentally friendly practices, just as we have for 129 years.

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