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Why Wilson Farm?

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How We Grow

Wilson Farm grows on 33 acres in Lexington, Massachusetts and 500 acres in Litchfield, New Hampshire. In total, we grow over 125 different crops - any of which may end up in your weekly share. In addiiton, you'll occasionally find fruits provided by local partnering farms that share our farming philosophy.

We know of no farm in New England that produces as wide a variety of locally grown crops as we do!

The Wilson Family has been farming the very same land in Lexington since 1884 (in Litchfield, NH since the 1970's). This results in some of the best soil anywhere. The produce in your CSA share is grown using IPM growing practices. Learn more about IPM here.

Our Pledge to CSA Members

Growing the best quality local produce since 1884, Wilson Farm rests on 33 acres in Lexington, MA and over 500 acres in Litchfield, NH. Using innovative IPM growing techniques, such as sanitation, soil enrichment, variety selection, pest detection, and biological controls, our crops are grown with minimal chemical input. As a result, our well-nurtured soil produces the largest variety of nutritious, healthy, and delicious food of any farm in New England. With over 125 years of farming experience packed into each share, we pledge to deliver outstanding quality produce, fantastic variety, and superior value.