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Spring Mix Salad
Ingredients Procedure

Baby Arugala
Baby Spinach
Beet Greens
Dandelion Greens
Romaine Lettuce
Boston Lettuce
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce

Optional: grilled chicken or portabella mushrooms.

You can make a great side salad or light meal using fresh greens. The tender greens and lettuces in the list below are available now, all of which are great in salads!


Start with 1 lbs. of Spinach, Beet Greens (both of which are flavorful and high in iron) or lettuce. Add any of the other tender greens to your liking. Blue Cheese, Romano Cheese, Parmesan Cheese or Vinaigrette dressing make excellent toppings.

Hint --This salad can easily be made into a light meal simply by adding grilled chicken or portabella mushrooms.

Makes approximately 4 servings
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