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Holiday Order Form

1. Create an Order >>> 2.Select Items >>> 3. Order Summary >>> 4. Place Order

Review your order and make any adjustments below. To change the quantity of an item, select the new quantity from the dropdown and then click "update". Repeat for each item.

Once your order looks perfect, select 'Place Order.'

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Order Details

Item Description Quantity Comments
Prime Standing Rib Roast - 3 Ribs
Duck Breast - 1 lb.
Spiral Cut Honey Ham 8-11 lbs.
Fresh Turkey 28-29 lbs.
Smoked Turkey 10-12 lbs.
Duck 5-1/2 lbs.
Duck 5-1/2 lbs.
Boneless Rib Roast - 4 lbs.
Turkey Dinner 10-12 lbs.
Boneless Half Leg - 3-4 lbs.
Boneless Rib Roast - 4 lbs.
Duck Breast - 1 lb.

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