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Summer Salad with Baby Spinach, Watercress, Fennel and Green Beans with Marinated White Anchovies



1 lb. baby spinach
1 bu. watercress, preferably red
1 sm. head fennel, shaved
8 oz. white marinated anchovies
1 cup Wilson Farm basil vinaigrette
2 tbs. balsamic reduction
1½ lb. cherry tomatoes
1½ lb. green beans
1 bu. chives
1 bu. cheryl
1 bu. spring onions
salt & pepper


Use a long rectangular plate. Layer the ingredients, except the anchovies, to taste. Lay the anchovies on top of the arranged salad. Sprinkle with chervil and chives. Season with Wilson Farm basil vinaigrette and the balsamic reduction.