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Farm Fresh Turkeys & Turkey Breasts
The Wilson Family proudly sells the absolute finest turkeys available anywhere. We carry a wide variety of offerings, these juicy turkeys are as good tasting as they are good for you. Our products include:

Turkey Breasts come 4-7 and 8-10 lbs.
Whole Turkeys range from 11 lbs. to 13 lbs.
Split Breasts
Roaster Breasts (boneless)
1/2 Turkey
Turkey Thighs
Ground Turkey
Turkey Sausage
Turkey Tenderloin

All-Natural Chicken
Our fresh, all-natural chicken is supplied by three East coast vendors, who all share our high quality standards of animal-friendly procedures. They are Bell & Evans-Farmer's Pride, Allen Family Foods and Mountanair Farms. All are family run businesses where excellence and quality are top priorities.

These chickens are raised in spacious, climate controlled pens which alleviate concerns about avian flu variations, cannibalism and the gamey flavor that can sometimes occur in a free range product. Our chicken is fresh and never frozen, grain and/or corn fed, hormone-free, and delivered daily.

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Premium Beef
We have carefully chosen Brandt Beef to supply our premium beef. Brandt Beef is proud to be a single family owned operation that raises, feeds and processes all of its own animals. This true natural "farm to fork" operation involves raising its animals humanely and naturally without hormones and antibiotic free - promoting the use of the entire animal. Choose from a variety of popular sustainable cuts.

Restaurant Connection:
Brandt Beef is exclusively served at Grill 23 & Bar - recently voted Best Steakhouse in Boston by The Improper Bostonian and NECN (New England Cable News).

Fresh Leg of Lamb
American raised, our lamb legs are available both bone-in (approx. 8 lbs.) and boneless (approx. 6-8 lbs.). A treat for any holiday, they are raised on all natural grains. Recommended serving size per person: 1 1/2 lbs. with bone, 1 1/4 lbs. without.
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Whole Duck
Our fresh whole ducks are raised in New York. They weigh approximately 5 1/2 lbs. and are sold fresh. Recommended serving size: 1/2 duck per person.

Halibut Sword Fish Mahi Mahi Sole Ahi Tuna
Fresh Sea Scallops
Local scallops caught within 200 miles of boston. Our scallops are fresh, never "re-freshed" or frozen. Enjoy their delicious taste.

Bay of Fundy, Farm Raised Salmon
Our “nutritionally superior” atlantic salmon are raised in the Bay of Fundy in Canada. It is the bay’s shape, begun as a rift perhaps 350 million years ago, that amplifies ocean tides. Twice a day, 100 billion tons of seawater flood into the bay, creating the best environment in the world in which to raise salmon. Our salmon in delivered to Wilson Farm less than 24 hours from harvest.

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Day Boat Chatham Haddock
The resurgence of haddock has resulted in a steady supply of fish from the elbow of Cape Cod. Haddock is considered one of the most desirable New England species, noted for its firm, mild, white meat. The fisherman of Chatham travel off the Southeast tip of the Cape in search of these fish daily.

Middle Bank Haddock and Cod

Day boats leave the Gloucester dock early in the morning and venture to the Middle Bank, a prolific fishing area off the coast of Cape Ann. They return with their catch of haddock and cod within hours. Spectacular quality and great value.

Cape Ann Day Boat Cod
This quintessential New England groundfish, famous among chefs for its sweet, tender white meat and large moist flake is caught from Gloucester day boats that land every afternoon in the busy harbor and brought down fresh to Wilson Farm.

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George's Bank Sole Fillets
Draggers bring in catches of American Plaice from nutrient rich George’s Bank to the port of Gloucester daily. Delicate, lean, mild meat that is great broiled or sautéeed.

Capt'n Dave's Seafood

Captain Dave provides Wilson Farm with delicious fresh seafood spreads and cakes made locally here in Massachusetts. One taste and you'll know it's fresh from the ocean.

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Spiral Ham


Leg of Lamb


Sea Scallop